Customer Bikes: 1976 GL1000 Goldwing

This spring, Gregg’s Goldwing came into the shop in pretty sad shape.

The bike had been parked 10 years ago due to a bad coil, and in the meantime, the carbs had rusted solid, the tires had dry rotted, and all kinds of seals and gaskets had failed.

I spent much of February giving it a thorough once over, including carb cleaning and sync, new fluids, cables, pads and hoses throughout, an upgraded front master cylinder, rebuilt forks, dyna electronic ignition, new timing belts, valve adjustment, new tires, new fuel pump and lots more I’m forgetting.  With the mechanical resto done, the bike is back home with its owner for the riding season and awaiting a full cosmetic going over (new chrome and paint) for next year.

Without a doubt the most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden at highway speed, and even on 40 year old suspension, it handled surprisingly well on the twisty roads by my house.

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