GS500 Racer Envy

Click the photo for a writeup from sportrider.

Another example of the kind of crazy, stupid, wrong, gorgeous, awesome motorcycles I want to see built.  I believe that those blessed with full machine shops and scrap bins full of aerospace grade titanium owe it to the rest of us to create bikes like this.  The barely recognizable GS500 pictured above weighs in at 320 lbs, has been punched out to 650ccs, features ram air induction, full ti exhaust, GSXR750 8 valve heads, and a whole lot of carbon fiber.

Marc and I will be circling back with pics of our own track rat gs500, but I can tell you one thing for certain: it will not be this cool.  That’s because it’s being designed, fabricated, assembled and tuned in Marc’s unlighted alley.  Hell, I’ll consider it a success if the bike ever makes it out of there under its own power.  But, with a bit of luck, we’ll be out crashing it at Summit Point before the summer is over.

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