Motorcycle Service

We perform all kinds of motorcycle work through our cooperative garage at 411 New York Ave NE.  Our members can handle tire changes, fluids, tune ups, accessory installation, electrical work, carb rebuilds, suspension service, engine work, and fabrication.

Space is limited so we work by appointment only. Shop labor is $100/hr.

Contact to schedule a drop off.

We also welcome DIYers – If you would like to tackle a repair on your own, we provide technical support, guidance and encouragement for $25 an hour.

For towing, contact DC Scooter Transport. They tow regular motorcycles too, but unfortunately WE NO LONGER WORK ON SCOOTERS.  All scooter work should go to Modern Classics up the street.

Street Spirit Cycles

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  1. Marco


    Looks like you have a good gig going. Congrats. Look, I just got myself a sweet 1971 Honda CB350. It’s pretty much in show condition, but it needs a major tune up. It floods easily, rev either to high or too low, dicey to kick-start, and blinkers don’t blink (one one rear one simply does not come on). I’ll play around with carbs etc this weekend with my friend who also owns a cb350, but if not successful I wondering whether I can use your good offices as a fall back.

    Thanks, Marco

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